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Our Team

NovoTek's management team includes experts from new drug R&D, regulatory filing, clinical trials, and marketing strategy design. To date NovoTek's distribution network covers 70% of all hospitals in China and more than 75% of all Class IIIA hospitals (top-level hospitals with more than 1000 beds). In-house capabilities include market investigation and evaluation, regulatory filing, clinical trials, market launches, and distribution. Partners working with NovoTek enjoy positive experiences in every single step of the commercialization process due to our excellent project management capabilities and communication skills.

Director of Clinical Section, Ying Fan M.D.
Dr. Fan is the general manager of NovoTek's clinical division with a broad background in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and therapeutics. He has nearly 10 years of executive clinical trial management experience and regulatory filing for domestic and imported drugs, as well as medical devices. He also has provided strategic business and scientific plans for global trials for large international pharmaceutical companies. His clinical team has successfully completed forty-seven trials covering small molecules, Chinese traditional drugs, biologics, and medical devices. He leads our clinical team and helps maintain our strong relationships with more than 200 hospitals all over China while continuously carrying out trials successfully at these sites.
Excellent teamwork and internal communication with personnel bearing expertise from R&D to marketing.
Marketing activities are well guided by market data analysis from multiple databases.
Better patient care is always NovoTek's major focus and intention.
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