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NovoTek Pharmaceuticals Limited (NovoTek Group)
("NovoTek" or the "Company")
Distribution Partnership Forged with Laboratorio Liconsa, S.A.
(“Liconsa” or the “Company”)
NovoTek Pharmaceuticals Limited,a member of NovoTek Group, is pleased to announce the signing of a distribution agreement (“Agreement”) with LaboratoriosLiconsa, S.A. (“Liconsa”), a Spain-based pharmaceutical corporation, for Liconsa’s innovative productsTrifamox(Amoxicillin Sodium and Sulbactam Sodium for Injection 0.75g and Amoxicillin Sodium and Sulbactam Sodium for Injection 1.5g). The multi-year agreement assigns exclusive sales and marketing rights for the products to Novotekin 13 provinces in mainland China(“Territory”).Trifamoxis a compound preparation of amoxicillin (Semi-synthetic Penicillin) and sulbactam (β-Lactamase Inhibitors) with a broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, especially produce significant effect on enzyme producing bacteria.It is firstly marketed in Argentina in 1980s. And its efficacy and safety can be proved through over 30 years clinical trial. It is an original imported product. Its specification meet well with the requirements of EMA and FDA, which ensures a better quality standard comparing to other generic products. The total market size for Trifamox are expected to be more than RMB 1.2 billion.

NovoTek is actively involved in the marketing and sale of antibiotic products in the territory and represents that it has an adequate organization and know how to efficiently, import, promote, distribute and sell the products in the territory. The current collaboration and partnership would obtain a win-win conditions for both parties and the partnership has been determined to be five years plus three years automatic renewal give guaranteed sales can be achieved.

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