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About Us

NovoTek Group is a fast-growing, service-based corporate group. NovoTek Therapeutics Inc. is a vital part of NovoTek Group, and is in charge of all international business. To date, NovoTek Group has grown to seven subsidiary companies focused on pharmaceutical marketing, medical and IVD products marketing, and contract research services.

NovoTek has its own preclinical animal facility, clinical trial and regulatory teams, and more than 600 sales representatives (500 for pharmaceuticals and 100 for medical devices) across China. To date, NovoTek has more than 800 employees and more than 10 local branches nationwide.
Who will help bring your pharmaceutical products to China.
Our branches were designed to optimized hospital coverage. Currently, our branches cover more than 70% of all hospitals and 75% of Class III hospitals.
NovoTek China has worked with a wide variety of organizations ranging from the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies to smaller biotechs.
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