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Custom Synthesis

Synthesis laboratory has more than 5,000 sq ft of research laboratory and 3,000 sq ft of GMP qualified manufacturing space, including 4 independent function-specific zones: reaction, purification, drying and packaging. This facility is geared towards compound design and the custom synthesis of APIs from the milligram to kilogram scale.

Specific services include:
1. Medicinal chemistry services such as molecular design and lead compound optimization
2. Synthesis route optimization
3. Custom synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients
4. Isolation and purification of natural medicines
5. Scaling up of synthesis to human clinical trial scale
6. Regulatory filing to obtain drug master files (DMF)
State-of-the-art animal facilities with US compliance, fully functional on formulation, bio-analyses, PK studies, pharmacology studies, toxicity studies and data analyses.
Professional team presiding over strictly regulated operations; APIs from our customers are strictly controlled and protected.
Capabilities to carry out studies on mice, rats, rabbits, dogs and primates.
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