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In vitro Cell Screening

State-of-the-art cell culture facility with study service including absorption, disposition, and metabolism.

1. Absorption
• Intestinal absorption in vivo or in vitro
• Caco-2 absorption models: uptake and transportation

2. Disposition
• In vitro assessment of plasma protein binding of drug by equilibrium dialysis or high speed centrifugation in species

3. Metabolism
• Metabolism in vitro (liver microsome in species)
• Drug interaction (cocktail method)
State-of-the-art animal facilities with US compliance, fully functional on formulation, bio-analyses, PK studies, pharmacology studies, toxicity studies and data analyses.
Professional team presiding over strictly regulated operations; APIs from our customers are strictly controlled and protected.
Capabilities to carry out studies on mice, rats, rabbits, dogs and primates.
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