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Pharmaceutics and Bioanalytics

30,000 sq ft research laboratory and a 60,000 sq ft of cGMP accredited manufacturing facility which provides the capability to carry out a range of pharmaceutical and bioanalytic studies at all stages of the drug development process.

Formulation Services

The Formulation Department is in charge of the development and preparation of dosing formulations for animal studies. Suspension and solution formulations can be prepared in-house. Formulation stability, and homogeneity are well controlled by our professional team.

Specific functions include:
•  Method Development
•  Method Validation
•  Homogeneity tests
•  Stability
•  Dose Confirmation

Bioanalytic Services

NovoTek's bioanalytic lab has more than 10,000 sq ft of space, and is a state of art facility with US and European compliance for sample analyses. The center has over 20 sets of analytical instruments including four LC-MS. The analytic capacity exceeds 100,000 biological samples per year. To date, this center has successfully completed analyses of blood samples generated from over 600 animal studies and 200 human pharmacokinetic and bio-equivalence studies. This center has also successfully completed analytical method development for over hundred compounds.

Specific functions include:
• Analytical method development
• Analytical method adaptation
• Bio-analysis of blood or serum samples (both human and animals)
• Data analysis

State-of-the-art animal facilities with US compliance, fully functional on formulation, bio-analyses, PK studies, pharmacology studies, toxicity studies and data analyses.
Professional team presiding over strictly regulated operations; APIs from our customers are strictly controlled and protected.
Capabilities to carry out studies on mice, rats, rabbits, dogs and primates.
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