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Clinical Trials

NovoTek has extensive clinical trial experience for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices and can provide the following functions:
1. Risk evaluation of clinical trials
2. Design of clinical trial protocols
3. Clinical trial project management
4. Site management and monitoring
5. Data management and biostatistics

Specific Services
1. Human pharmacokinetic studies
2. Phase I, II, III and IV clinical trial studies
3. Bioavailability and bioequivalence studies
4. Biostatistics
Ensure Feasibility of clinical studies
Ensure rational design of trials
Efficient project management
Ensure the reliability of trial data generation
Reduce costs while maintaining maximum trial quality
State-of-the-art animal facilities with US compliance, fully functional on formulation, bio-analyses, PK studies, pharmacology studies, toxicity studies and data analyses.
Professional team presiding over strictly regulated operations; APIs from our customers are strictly controlled and protected.
Capabilities to carry out studies on mice, rats, rabbits, dogs and primates.
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