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Key Services

NovoTek's Pharmaceutical distribution team includes the following major departments each with a specific focus:
1.Marketing Department: Overall marketing strategy design, sales data analysis, relationship maintenance with academic leaders of specific clinical area;
2.Sales force: Hospital-based promotion of products to critical users of each hospital
3.Distribution Department: Ensure timely delivery of products to hospitals and maintaining good inventory status

Our detailed key services include:
1. Specific product market and regulatory investigation and evaluation in China
- Regulatory survey on major competitive products
- Regulatory risk evaluation and turn-around estimation on specific drug registration process
- Total market potential evaluation and estimation
- Comprehensive strategic analysis for a specific product with respect to major competitors

2. Importation document translation, preparation and submission to SFDA to obtain regulatory approval
- Application package preparation
- Communication with manufacturers to provide SFDA required documents
- Pre-consulting with SFDA on the application package

3. Carry out clinical trials in China if required in order to obtain regulatory approval for imported products
- Clinical trial protocol design
- Clinical trial management
- Pre-sales communication with major P.I.

4. Aiding partners in obtaining final regulatory approval for importing into China

5. Product pricing strategy design
- Apply for product price determination
- Apply for federal and provincial government tender list status
- Apply for health insurance coverage on federal and provincial level

6. Market development to create sales revenue
- Initiate marketing activities during the clinical trial stage, develop key customer through clinical trial P.I.
- Attending relevant national and provincial conference to promote the market
- Establish good communication and connection with academic leaders in every specific field
- Ten year marketing strategic plan to achieve continuous sales increase after product launch

7. Establishing the brand-name of our partners within China
NovoTek's branches cover more than 70% of all hospitals and 75% of all Class III hospitals nationwide.
Current products include antibiotics, cardiovascular, G.I. tract, oncology, nutrition, and topical pharmaceuticals.
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