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Pharmaceutical Marketing
The Chinese pharmaceutical market offers considerable potential for global pharmaceutical companies. However, to date, a large number of US or Europe-based healthcare companies still hesitate to enter China's market due to a communication deficiencies or insufficient knowledge of China's drug distribution system.
NovoTek has therefore designed and established a risk-free, one-stop distribution service model that can collaborate with our clients to co-develop China's rapidly growing markets with
• More than 8 years of pharmaceutical and medical device marketing experience
• Carry out free market and risk evaluation on indentified products from all-important aspects prior to contract discussion with partners
• An integrated platform can carry out activities from market evaluation, regulatory filing all the way down to market launch
• Start marketing activities from clinical trial stage to generate revenue in minimal time
• 600 sales representatives experienced in pharmaceutical and medical device (including IVD) marketing and distribution
• Sales force covers 75% of Class III hospitals and 70% of all hospitals
• Cover cost of registration in China to provide risk-free entry into Chinese market
• Internationalized business management team with great feedback from customers worldwide
What we can do to help you bring pharmaceuticals to China
Current products NovoTek is working on
How to work with NovoTek to bring your pharmaceuticals into China
Facts and figures on the Chinese market
NovoTek's branches cover more than 70% of all hospitals and 75% of all Class III hospitals nationwide.
Current products include antibiotics, cardiovascular, G.I. tract, oncology, nutrition, and topical pharmaceuticals.
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