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1. Warkentin, Theodore; " Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia: A Ten Year Retrospective" Annual Review in Medicine. 1999: Vol. 50 pp 129-47.

2. 美国胸科医师学会抗血栓和溶栓治疗循证临床实践指南(第八版)

3. Tsirigotis P, Mantzios G, Makris F, et a1. Bilateral renal artery thrombosis due to heparin·-induced thrombocytopenia—thrombosis syndrome. Successful treatment with long-term application of lepirudin. Ulster Med J,2006,75:88-90.

4. Prognostic importance of preoperative anti-PF4/heparin antibodies in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. A systematic review. Yusuf AM; Warkentin TE; Arsenault KA; Whitlock R; Eikelboom JW. Thromb Haemost.2012,107(1):8-14
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